Thunder & Lightning

Atmospheric Effects

Thunder & Lightning features a range of atmospheric effects for rental or stage production. From classic effects—fog and haze—to new effects like CO2 cryo canons.
CO2 Cryo Blaster Jets
One of our featured effects is our Dual CO2 Cryo Blaster Jets, which are available for rental in Des Moines, IA or stage production around the Midwest. These jets offer an incredible blast of CO2 around 25-30 feet in the air and 4-6 feet wide. CO2 (or cryo) creates an incredible effect which, when directed in to the crowd, fills a thick cloud dropping the temperature significantly, dissipating within seconds.
Special effects
If you're looking for special effects, Thunder & Lightning has you covered. We feature a variety of effects such as high-output haze generators, high output foggers, bubble machines, confetti launchers, and more. Our special effects are available for rental in Des Moines, IA or for events throughout the midwest. Take a look at our available equipment or contact us for more information.